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Our Services Include:

Our hand rehabilitation program offers:

•    Orthosis Fabrication/Splinting 

•    Wound Care/Debridement

•   Edema and Pain Management

•   Lymphedema Management

•    Sensory Retraining and Desensitizing Program

•    Strengthening and Coordination

•    Joint Protection Education for Arthritis

•    Restoration of movement

•    Functional assessment and activities to normalize use

•    Work Hardening Program

•    Strengthening, Ergonomics and Tool Modification

•    Establishment of Home Exercise Program

•    Educational sessions regarding nature of injury and expectations in dealing with illness


Our wide variety of procedures and modalities include:

•  Heat/Ice Treatment, Paraffin, Whirlpool, Iontophoresis

•    Ultrasound and Light Therapy

•    Active and Resistive Exercise Program

•    Functional Electrical Stimulation for Muscle Reeducation

•    Dexterity Training, Functional Activities

•    Edema Reduction Techniques

•    Joint Mobilization

•    Work Simulated Tasks

•   Soft/Scar Tissue Massage

•   Lymph Drainage by certified Lymphedema Therapist

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